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garden party!

The prim-properness of these dresses in their happy spring colors is making me jones for a nice garden party to go to. Perhaps I could wear the dress on the left? I know that my bump would be too big for the one on the right, but the one on the left...? (*rubs chin, seriously considers purchase*) I think I could do it! You wear the one on the right... I'll wear the one on the left. See you at the artichoke dip!


tickledwhimsy on 10:47 PM

These are so perfectly delightful and springy! I second the vote for you purchasing the lefty, it's my favorite!

Costume Diva on 11:59 PM

These are so cute! Modcloth is one of my faves!

Alex Davies on 6:25 AM

I love the one on the left - it makes me want to go to a Garden Party just looking at it :)

Julia on 6:52 AM

god I LOVE the one on the left... and I could do with a new sundress too...

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) on 9:02 AM

I heart ModCloth! Maegan on 7:16 PM

I am so in love with the floral one!!!

Molly Jean on 9:48 AM

love these!

life according to celia... on 2:27 PM

i will definitely wear the one on the right. we'll be so cute!!