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shrugs from rohm

Need a shrug? I love the swiss dot fabric on the top one! It's so simple, yet so feminine. It'd be the perfect topper to sleeveless gown in need of a little pizzazz! All of the above handmade by Emily of Rohm.


Julia on 6:54 AM

too tempting! seriously, your shrug related posts are creating all kinds of problems with my wedding budget!! but please don't stop ;)

Pencils on 11:42 AM

I love the little stand-up collar jacket she's selling. Not that I need one, I'm married already and my wedding was in June anyway! But I think it would be a gorgeous thing for a bride during cooler weather.

Ivory Pearl Interiors on 4:57 PM

What an exquisite shrug!

Boudoir Photographer on 9:04 PM

Love love love!!

Yas on 1:14 PM

The lace details are so pretty, just perfect if you dont want to show too much flesh..

Ashley L. on 9:06 PM

OH my gosh! So beautiful! I love the edging on the lace! So simple and delicate and lovely!

Anonymous on 9:20 PM

Emailed vendor, but she never responded. So sad : (

kate holt on 12:20 PM

Love this lacy look. Reminds me of all the vinatge lace wedding dress images I pulled to post on my blog weeks ago...will heave to revisit that soon. This piece could really make the look of a gown come together.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou on 1:33 PM

i think a lovely shrug like those you've shown add just the right touch to a wedding gown.