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Lots of poms to love from PomLove! In case you didn't have the time or the patience to make your own.


At Home with Kim Vallee on 10:29 PM

Nice citrus palette.

Chantel Deitz on 11:04 PM

i love these i am using these in the blue color they are so cute, i am hanging them about our cake table, dance floor and bar...what a fun way to add some color and very inexpencive.

Gray Photography - Zach and Jody - Nashville Wedding Photography on 12:52 AM

ooh! Those look so fun and happy! -JG

Alex Davies on 6:27 AM

These are so pretty :)

brides and babes on 9:18 AM

Oh, how I love these! I never get tired of them!!!

Pencils on 10:14 AM

Wow, I love these! I've loved them since I saw them in MS Living (or Weddings.) I'm putting this seller in my favorites so I can get some for my baby's 1st birthday party in the fall. And then I can hang them in her room afterward!

Margaret, Project Wedding on 6:35 PM

I love poms, they're so modern and cute!

Sarah on 9:25 AM

Love these! My bridesmaids and I made hundreds for our big day last summer - we hung them from the beams in a barn (where the reception was)! Here is a pic:

Tickled Pink on 6:52 AM

Just ordered a set of these after seeing them on your blog. I bought them for my baby shower and will reuse them for nursery decor!

Julianne on 11:19 AM

I love these too, I used them for pew markers at my wedding!


Rachel Elizabeth on 12:39 PM

Cute! I want to decorate my office with these.

Yas on 1:19 PM

I have never seen these, they look so cute. A great decor tip !