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You've heard of a ring pillow, how about a ring nest? These would be so cute for a woodsy wedding! From Erina at Y&E.


Margarita on 9:39 PM

How adorable is that? Perfect for a nature theme!

Clever on 11:17 PM

I love this!

Anonymous on 4:42 PM

I love that! Where can I get it?

Kathy on 5:46 PM

click on the link anon!

AnnC on 10:30 AM

I'm having one - and I did it from a real nest my in laws found in their christmas tree. Believe me, a real nest is a lot more messy than that... I had to sew the sides to make them stronger and cut a lot of wood off !

Michelle Wilson on 11:47 AM

I also made my ring nest. I found a nest at a antique/decor shop for $10 and then purchased moss and ribbon. I'm going sans flowers and birds though.

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou on 1:33 PM

that is too adorable!

un-bride on 6:37 PM

I don't usually go for these, but this is cool AND adorable.

Amy's The Painted House and More on 6:48 PM

I absolutely love this idea. I have painted ring bearer pillows thinking that was unique, but this surely beats my idea. I think this is neat even if it is not a wedding in the woods. You could even replace these birds with doves. That seems to be the type of bird many people will have associated with their wedding.


patricia ann on 8:25 PM

Oh these are sweet, we did so many nests florals for Easter and have lots left so this is a beautiful idea'

Mariliz Renata on 8:07 AM

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