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love art!

I'm a huge fan of buying art on Etsy, and I've got tons of it. I found these adorable love themed pieces, perfect for wedding gifts, from the sellers below, Check them out!
Deeply Madly in Love: by Jennifer Amos
Loving Zebra Print: Nicole J. George
Lovebirds: Naomi Murrell
I Heart Chicago: Moxiedoll


Anonymous on 3:19 AM


Anonymous on 10:11 AM

Here's another great gift for the bride: an I Do Tattoo. It's Something Blue, it's a Keepsake, and it's a photo frame. They have 8 different designs. Check it out at

LPC on 11:46 AM

Everyone has a right to their own preferences. However. In my opinion, this is not art. It is decoration.

Jess Jo. on 11:57 AM

Wow, LPC, that's an incredibly elitist thing to say. Think about it. Art is an expression of thoughts in a creative way... anyone can do that, in any medium, inside of any context.

Maggie Mayer on 9:24 PM

Wow--as a former Chicagoan, I am LOVING the hearted Illinois! Great finds! (:

LPC on 10:45 PM

You are right. It is an elitist comment. And I stand by it, while vigorously protecting your right to your opinion.

{The Perfect Palette} on 8:17 PM

love this!

Rachel Elizabeth on 12:41 PM

The zebras are just precious and as a Chicago native I love the needlepoint.

Zanny on 12:24 AM

inPRNT has some really cute, "romantical" prints as well (and awesome prints in general= top notch quality!) here are a few cute ones I like by Joy Ang, Jason Chan, and Nazario Graziano: