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Spring has finally sprung here in Rhode Island, YAY! I had a great weekend full of digging in the garden and anticipating all the beautiful flowers that will come in the next few months. I'm actually sore from all my digging! Regardless, it's great to have been able to spend some serious time outside, and I can't wait to get back out there next weekend.
Meanwhile, I've got lots of good stuff to share!
Meredith, from Punk Rock Bride emailed me this weekend to share the amazing new designs just up on their website. I love the Becky (above right), it's what I imagine Avril Lavigne might wear, if she hadn't worn what she actually wore.


Anonymous on 12:30 AM

Yeah, I also didn't figure Avril Lavigne would be the princess-bride type. Who knew?

JustaRabbit on 6:07 AM

Hmm, I also think a punk rock bride might not be able to afford a $3000 dress. But I do think they'd make one themselves that would look like the Becky dress.

I'm glad to see that nice fabrics and not-your-average designs have a market!