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I hope everyone had a great holiday! Welcome back! We worked a bit on the nursery this weekend... it felt great to get started! I'm one of those people who is constantly looking for a project, something outside of work... and this is the ultimate project! If you guys are interested, I'll post pics when I'm done :) For now though, back to the wonderful world of wedding stuff!
I'm jumping right in to share this amazing gown I stumbled on at Neiman Marcus. It's not necessarily meant to be a wedding gown, but I would be thrilled to wear it down the aisle just the same! I adore the color and the embroidered sash.


Polly on 11:13 PM

That is a very beautiful dress - I can see why you would be happy to wear it.

The Ivory Pearl Team on 8:26 AM

Not the typical bridal gown, but equally stunning!

Rachel Elizabeth on 12:36 PM

This dress is so beautiful. I'm not really a dress kinda girl but I can't imagine anyone wearing that and not feeling beautiful.

Anonymous on 9:50 PM

Love this dress.