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the many faces of procrastination

Ok, so this post really has nothing to do with weddings. I might suggest that if you are stressed out by your wedding or if you need a break from it, this is a fun thing to do for a laugh. You go to this site, upload a photo of yourself, and it shows you how you would look with all different hair-do's from the past. I was dying when I saw the afro-poof one. It doesn't even reach it's full funny potential unless you've seen pictures of my mother in the seventies. I do not have clearance to post those photos, but lets just say that the apple? She doesn't fall far from the tree. Via Amanda at The Blissful Bride.


Amanda B. Young on 9:58 PM

Ahhh I love these! I'm so glad you did it too! You know, when I first posted those I kept thinking to myself "man everyone is going to think I'm SUCH a dork!" but they got such a response and so many people have told me what a kick they have gotten out of it. Anyway, you look stunning in all your hairdos! ;-)

Teresa on 11:40 AM

I've been seeing these photos everywhere (ie: facebook)! Now I know where they come from. Fun, fun!

The Wedding Decorator on 6:00 PM

What fun! Love this idea, I have a wedding blog based in sunny Spain which seems to be gathering interest and have now been tagged which is all new to me so have tagged my favorite blogs, one of which is yours :) Keep up the good work lots of inspiration :) Laura x