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I have a soft spot in my heart for J Crew wedding gowns. They are often quite quirky and they always seem to have pockets. I like that they take risks with their designs and are constantly coming out with new things. Their newest offerings are a really svelte and highly tailored jacquard gown and a silky strapless number with the cutest little berry detailing on the top. I love either for a winter wedding. I'd pair the top one with a short Jackie O. style, 3/4 sleeve cardigan in something rich and fuzzy with little sparkly details. The bottom one with maybe a long, sheer scarf wrapped around the neck in loose layers and draped in back, so the berries can peek thru.


laura on 12:31 PM

I love the jacquard of the first one.
It is the perfect winter wedding dress.

Anonymous on 12:38 PM

The Berry gown is amazing - - but as of last week when I went to the site it was only available in a size 12. I guess everyone else loves it too...

bridal buzz on 3:34 PM

I am always amazed at how simple yet elegant the J. Crew line is, constantly! My fav. is the berry detailing, and, and are those pockets?! Woah, now that's a dream gown!

alissa on 7:23 PM

That berry one went fast - a friend of mine tried to order one last week and they said they're out - and not making anymore!

The Invitation Lady on 11:05 PM

I adore the J Crew wedding gowns always such simple elegance, perfection!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 7:51 AM

I completely agree with your post! I am obsessed when it comes to J. Crew wedding dresses. Those two that you posted about are fantastic! I think they just might be my favorites. I love the use of the jacquard fabric in the first one and the sweet detailing in the second! Wonderful!

ShopLittleGifts on 12:05 PM

Love them both. Actually, I love how the model carries them - in a very casual, natural way. I think that's what weddings should be like: true beauty. Both are tailored really well. The strapless one would be perfect on a beach in Hawaii.

Ashley L. on 5:26 PM

i cannot help but ooh and ahh over that first one (and the second one too) :)
beautiful post!

PrettyinPhoenix on 12:16 PM

I love J. Crew wedding dresses - but is there ANYWHERE to try them on? It seems like such a gamble to just order online without having tried on first...