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bluefly finds

I had one of those really frustrating days where nothing went my way and everything was three times harder than it needed to be. In the midst of the rottenness, Deirdre pointed me in the direction of Bluefly and these gorgeous dresses. I can't believe I never thought to look there before! My favorites were these short dresses, perfect for cutting a rug at the reception. My day always brightens a little I find something fun to share. Thanks DD!


Pretty Bride on 10:45 AM

love these dresses... especially the first one!

K on 12:07 PM

Ah, Bluefly. Such beautiful things---all of which I want! Love it! Thanks!

Jana on 1:10 PM

ooh, yeah. i love the idea of changing into a short, white party dress for the reception!

thanks for sharing some great ideas. i'm not getting married any time soon, but i'm a bridesmaid in a few weddings next year and i love to help the girls plan! i sent them all to your site for some inspiration!

amy-jo Tatum/bride chic on 3:29 PM

Very trendy now to have two dresses--one for ceremony, the other for reception. These are awesome choices.

Julia on 10:50 AM

Love the second one! You post the most beautiful dresses.

Clarie on 9:51 PM

Bubble dresses! would be good as cocktail dresses too...and it hides the tummy so the bride can eat whatever she wants =)