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finding your way home again

My mom got my sister one of these compass necklaces from Individual Icons when she left for San Francisco, (so that she would always be able to find her way home). GO EAST! I thought they would make an adorable gift for anyone going far from home or planning a big trip. And they work! My sister loves hers.


Linda Crispell on 12:14 AM

Great idea.

hizzybee on 12:52 AM

Yeah, our mom gave me one of these as a going away present, it's great, I wear it all the time.

Julia on 6:35 AM

awww - how cute!!!!

Sarah Danielle on 1:39 PM

this would be great for a college student studying abroad or leaving home for the first time... even a husband who travels on business a lot to remind him of home. What a sweet gift!

SarahLynn on 7:13 PM

I bought Individual Icon's Diamond Dust necklace last year and I barely take it off. I'm always getting compliments on it.

Brenda on 7:53 PM

what a cute idea!

JudithG on 7:59 PM

I love them! I think they would help me find my way once I get out of the subway. Unless it's an area I frequent, I never know which way to walk.

The Virtual Bridesmaid on 10:00 AM

Great idea for someone who loves to travel!

The Virtual Bridesmaid

TweedleTee on 8:41 PM

I think I saw these on a while back - such a great idea! It's functional, it's jewelry, it's fabulous!

Your blogs is one of my favorites, keep up the great bloggage!