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who woodn't want one?

I love Jamali Garden for their affordable decor and polished style. These wooden containers would be beautiful as part of a centerpiece, or a buffet. They'd also be right at home on my coffee table, which is exactly where I think one of those bamboo bowls are headed.


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 7:47 AM

I adore each one of these pieces! Every one of these could find a fantastic home in my house! Wonderful Post!

*Michelle on 10:22 AM

I do believe my credit card is about to hate you. There are so many beautiful things on that site I am going to go broke redecorating! ... wait a minute - I am a bride to be - I have a registry!!! =D MAHALO!

The City Sage on 12:09 AM

Jamali was my favourite spot to visit when I lived in new york---so glad they have a website!

my favourite find from there was this amazing planter that looked just like a hollow log, but when you picked it up you realized it was just very convincingly painted styrofoam. i also love the glass cloches they have--they would be great as centerpieces at a garden-inspired wedding.

Absolutely Unique on 9:18 AM

I love these pieces! Especially the dark ones. Thanks for sharing!