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Above:Betsey Johnson Microsatin & Tulle Slip
Betsey Johnson Tricot Chemise

While I love the idea of a little somethin' special for the wedding night, I often HATE the stuff in the lingerie boutique at most department stores. LACE everywhere, RUFFLES where no one needs ruffles. And I never understood those teeny tiny little bows between the cups of all the bras. Why are they so little? Is it to make the surrounding landscape seem more impressive? Anyway... doesn't matter. I did a little round up in hopes of finding some nice lingerie. Found some!

Above: Oscar de la Renta 'Check Mate' Windowpane Chemise
Betsey Johnson Pleated Babydoll Chemise with Thong

Above: Betsey Johnson Floral Babydoll Chemise
Oscar de la Renta 'Simply Sweet' Chemise


The City Sage on 9:45 PM

They're all so pretty!

My only advice about wedding night lingerie: buy it WAY in advance, before the real pre-wedding craziness starts. I put it off until the last minute, and then everything else seemed to take priority until it was the wedding day and I had NOTHING SPECIAL to wear on our wedding night.

My poor groom---all I had was the skin-colored granny undies I wore under my gown! Not the most romantic...but the day was perfect anyway :)

Anonymous on 11:16 PM

I had to buy two of the same outfit. Because no one carried my breast size 32ddd, i had to make sure the cups covered everything...Why since it was just going to be taken off anyways :) Since the size was larger, the matching bottoms were ten sizes to big. :( It was so annoying. I've now made a "sex pillow" out of the second one. When ever Hubby comes home and sees it on the bed, there is going to be some fun that night!

Blablover5 on 8:31 AM

The last one on the right looks really comfortable.

I didn't go in for the white stuff instead I got some in colors that we both like so it'd be able to "last" past the wedding night.

bridal buzz on 12:20 PM

I love the last one, it looks like it would be fun to dance in... and who doesn't like to dance when they're half naked! No, but truly, these look very classy, which is always a must when you're dressing up for your wedding night... don't want to look trashy!

I unfortunately forgot to pack much of anything for our night away, including my adorable nightie.

Does the Dress Fit on 4:36 PM

I really like the very first one by Betsey Johnson. It's sexy, but no too over the top. I bought Betsey Johnson lingerie for my wedding and I felt so pretty in it.

At Home with Kim Vallee on 11:42 PM

I love the floral babydoll by Betsey Johnson or the Oscar de la Renta's chemise. Must go shopping now :-)

Artificial Swedener on 2:52 PM

I love these! I also wanted to share some gorgeous lingerie I found while perusing Etsy. The vendor makes them to order in custom sizes, too.

Amanda B. Young on 3:22 PM

Oh my gosh you are too funny. This had me dying laughing:

"And I never understood those teeny tiny little bows between the cups of all the bras. Why are they so little? Is it to make the surrounding landscape seem more impressive?"

Anyway, I like them all, but especially the last one. It looks like it has it all: sweet, romantic, a little sexy, and still totally comfortable. :-)

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 3:43 PM

I could not agree more with your post! I love that second one! These all look completely comfortable. Fantastic post!

amy-jo tatum/bride chic on 6:58 PM

They look like dresses to me. Does anyone actually wear baby dolls to bed anymore?

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou on 4:53 PM

what a good post - i own a lingerie boutique, and it's good to see lingerie getting the attention it deserves!
Lingerie is an important part of the wedding planning process, but it's easy to get lost in the shuffle.
you should certainly pick out your wedding lingerie at least a month in advance. keep in mind that your wedding night lingerie doesn't have to be many brides are going for color!
xoxo alison

Sally on 6:23 AM

A great post...these look fantastic, especially the floral one. Thanks Alison too - I will definitely make time to choose the perfect wedding lingerie!

p.s found a great site for lingerie and honeymoon swimwear (Miraclesuits are the way forward!)