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Maybe it's because I've been working a lot on the graphic elements for Kenzie Kate's 2009 collection, but I'm a little obsessed with these graphic dresses from Anthropologie. I LOVE the sweater dress with the swans on it. Please, someone snag that and wear it to your rehearsal, your bridal shower, your wedding brunch, it's too perfect.


*Michelle on 9:52 AM

Not so sure about the swans... but I am loving the one on the left!

Abbie on 10:15 AM

These are just too cute... my Anthropologie obsession never wanes.

Shar on 12:01 PM

The Swan dress is on sale, I think.

P on 12:48 PM

I am totally in love with the one on the left - it's a little bit Snow White Goes to Brooklyn.

TweedleTee on 7:44 PM

I really love the middle one... the blues and green are great! I also wanted to mention that I don't know the etiquette of blogs quite yet but I mentioned your blog on mine today and I wanted to make sure you knew. It'd be weird to just stumble upon a random shout out one day:) Love you blog! Love love.

CityMouse on 11:58 AM

I am totally getting that Swan dress. My fiance's last name is Swan!

Amanda B. Young on 9:10 AM

Ahhh, I'm so with you. They are all so cute but the swans are just precious! And, I'm loving the neckline on that first one!

Can't wait to see the Kenzie Kate 2009 collection!

preppy little dress on 11:41 AM

too cute, thanks for sharing!