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Badgely Mishka Spring 2008
You can come back in a sec, but right now, you need to stop reading this and back up your files. ALL of your files need backing up. Back them up! I tell you this because it's what I wished someone told me Friday morning, right before my hard drive failed. Why? I don't really know. Apparently hard drives are allowed to just fail. I didn't know that. Seeing as how my brand new computer was running perfectly just seconds before it died, I was surprised to say the least. AND with the move in full swing, you could say that this crash was, hmmmm... a huge pain.
ANYWHO. Everyone knows that nothing raises the spirits of packing-weary, computer-less people everywhere like gorgeous dresses (which I found while browsing the internet on my husband's computer). All by Badgeley Mischka, all new this spring. While the one in the middle seems sort of obviously bridal, I love the subtle patterns on the two gowns on either side. I think either could be really unique yet elegant at an informal affair.


bride of rochester on 10:39 AM

i know the feeling. i used to never back stuff up, so inevitably, I lost everything one day. :(

I love these gowns. so goddess-ready. I love how floaty-flowy they all are.

Blue Orchid Designs on 5:07 PM

oh I feel your pain! and fashion week has been a great distraction for all sorts of headaches this past week!

Faire La Fete Productions on 8:14 PM

that is terrible! i hope all is well and operational now.

These gowns are lovely!