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etsy makes my day

imogene and dannie necklaces
Isn't Etsy wonderful? Etsy reminds me of being a kid, when "making friendship bracelets" was still a viable career goal. It makes me want to kraft things and sell them to my friends. I love Etsy.
Today I found Imogene and Dannie, where there are many lovely little necklaces and things stamped from silver in fun shapes. I can't help but think these would make fantastic bridesmaid's gifts, each a bit different for each of your special girls. Perhaps an apple for the big city girl? A tree for the hippie? A fox for the... fox.
You get the idea. At around 45 bucks, they're special with out being too $pecial.


Sarai on 12:09 PM

I just read this after posting about one of their necklaces I bought for my sister!

Thanks for the beautiful blog. You've really inspired me in all the crafting I've been doing for my wedding. :)