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we're home!

moving day
Greetings from Rhode Island! We moved in this past weekend and are now in the process of setting up house. It's all very exciting, albeit somewhat overwhelming.
Last night we made our first dinner in our new house: tilapia with olive, tomato & lemon, home fries with onions & cheese, and a nice green salad. It felt really good to cook in the new place. It made it feel so much more like home.

first meal in the new house
The next major hurdle is to get a car to scoot around Providence with. As city folk who are used to hopping on the F train, this seems really bizarre (although slightly less bizarre than buying a lawnmower).


Deirdre Gill on 12:39 PM

Meanwhile back in boringville...

I keep thinking I hear your heals strutting across the floor, it must be that stylish ghost cat.

Mackenzie on 12:44 PM

I'm doing all of my strutting over here now. AND this place doesn't even have a ghost cat. What a rip off.

amber on 5:24 PM

oooh! love your hardwood floors and arches, very very nice. what a sweet home!

Pam on 5:49 PM

awwww congrats! looks so cute in the top pic! welcome home!

Kelly, Your SW Florida Destination Wedding Planner on 7:20 PM

Huge congrats! It's the best open slate to have...

Pencils on 8:48 PM

Looks like a beautiful house! I'm seething with jealousy. We're looking to buy a house on Long Island in the next year, and hoping real estate prices freefall by the spring. Hey, we can hope, right? I love your hardwood floors, the arched entranceway...I hope you're going to show more pictures as you settle in. Got any built-ins? Love those...

Meg on 10:02 PM

well i for one am happy as a clam that you are scooting around providence. AND you can even borrow my cat. i know you're partial to finn, but finn's brother is an egg-cellent alternative (and his mother loves stopping by often). YAY for living close to your sisters!

bluebird on 11:05 PM



I'm so thrilled for you! You're going to absolutely LOVE Providence. You MUST, must eat at Parkside Grille on South Main, and Hemenway’s for seafood on the same street.

Go see the Waterfires before it starts to get really cold - awesome. And, you've got to get in a Brown Uni. game on the East Side just for the atmosphere around Thanksgiving time. So fun. RISD art gallery is super fun, too, on opening nights!

Newport, too...get to Newport when you can to see the mansions during the holidays - they have great discounts at the B&Bs. It's chilly, but fun if you bundle up. Oh, and the beach - the clam cakes, block island. OMG, I miss it so!!!

And, if you've never, ever had these, you've got to eat them - they're RI classics:

(1) Dell's frozen lemonade. There is a stand in cranston.

(2) NY System Hot Weiners - get them fully loaded. Then, plan to work out at least 3 days after.

(3) Get to an Italian bakery and have a pizza strip and a spinach pie.

Carrie on 2:53 PM

i was an F train girl too, but i just moved to iowa city and bought a toyota yaris. good gas milage, small, and still very cute:) your house looks really sweet, i can't wait to see more pics!

michelle on 6:05 PM

What a lovely place. I agree that cooking a nice meal in your new home makes all the difference, and that looks like it was one yummy dinner.

Anonymous on 1:58 PM

hi. i'm sorry..i was the last anonymous commenter on your blog here. i was wondering if you can take off my email address since it's showing up on rss feed under google. Thank you for your time and concern. if you're going to be at the stationery show, i'll be there too as an exhibitor. hope to see you there.