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electric pumpkin purse
I was born with an inability to carry a neutral handbag. When I was five, (and my mother can vouch for this) I had a purple corduroy purse that I carried EVERYWHERE. I never did anything without it. Today, my go-to bag is bright green- but I also own a red one, a turquoise one, and an orange one. Black? No. Brown? Not really. It's not that I don't like neutrals, I do. I wear them all the time. I just like my bag to have a little snap-crackle-pop, if you know what I mean.
You can imagine my delight at finding a formal evening bag in "electric pumpkin"? Do I need to mention how adorable this would be for brides or their maids at a fall wedding? Available at Sugar Plums.


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 7:02 PM

I've never owned a black or brown bag either! I curently am carrying blue which is quite tame compared to my last bright green one and my previous orange one.

Meg on 11:21 PM

I remember that purple courderoy purse...I think I inherited it after you were done. I am a very big fan of owning multiple handbags that are as interchangeable as the outfits we wear. I own a lot of black clothing, so a colorful bag is perfect for punching it up!

Freshly Found on 11:23 AM

Electric Pumpkin! I like the description of this bag. Man it is gorgeous. Perhaps I should review my brown bag!