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pricey butterflies

Not sure about you guys, but with a hefty price tag of around $90,000, this Lladro Niagara Chandelier is out, WAY OUT of my price range. But seriously, how hard would this be to make? I mean not exactly like this, not with porcelain or anything, but with paper butterflies and wire? I think I could do it. If I have an opportunity to try it out, I'll take pictures!


Kate on 11:34 PM

Oooh yes - it'd be tedious, but I think ultimately worth it. You could do it with other things like stars, birds or even simple circles.

amy on 12:06 AM

you might like the work of pae white, a los angeles artist whose work i had the pleasure of seeing at the hammer museum in westwood.

perhaps some images of her work could offer you some inspiration. i think she uses die cuts?

Had some trouble drumming up good images, but here's a start for you in case you're interested:

please post pictures if you undertake this project (and i hope you will!)


Vimbai on 3:43 AM

$90,000! That's a crazy price tag.

But if you manage to replicate it, let us know!

Glamour This! by Kelly on 10:51 AM

Crazy price... wow. But it is really pretty. I think it can be redone...
who knows maybe I will try it out!

Lynn on 7:38 AM

I wonder if I could do this on a smaller scale in my daughter's room. I've got some multicolored foam butterflies and dragonflies...hmmm but what will happen if she turns the fan on LOL

yoonie at home on 9:38 AM

Ooh! Yep, you can definitely replicate this. Imagine origami butterflies and translucent fishing lines. Weigh it down with a couple of clear crystal beads and voila...maybe a better looking one too.

Freshly Found on 12:06 PM

Go Kate Go! Looking forward to seeing the result!

Anonymous on 9:31 PM

My boss made something similar with paper cranes. It is beautiful - she hung it above her bed. I love to lay on her bed and look up at it.

Anonymous on 7:09 AM

By the way...have you seen the new Lladró Fragrances...they are really cool....with artistic direction of Jaime Hayón you can clearly tell that this will become a "must have item"....check it out in the latest Wallpaper Issue or online.

kim @ The Event Essentials on 9:23 AM

I double dare you to make one :) YEEE!! Looks amazing! I could see it with some Swarovski rhinestones added or even an orchid or two. STUNNING!

auraleigh on 9:21 PM

the actual chandelier is stunning... it was installed at henri bendel (where i work) for a few weeks and it's insane. it's all fiber optics, so the strings that hang the butterflies all twinkle and glow.

i think the concept would be so fun to replicate... time consuming, of course, but the payoff would be huge!

Anonymous on 12:07 AM

hi,,, i made this. but... i used cutters that cut different sizes and shapes. i put in a photo of different butterflies. it copied them and then die cut them . i just had to punch them out of the card stock. i used white embroidry thread to hold the butterflies. i captured the end of the thread between two butterflies and glued them on.. the dangles were between 6inches down to 5 feet.. with a 40 watt bulb. i hung this in a corner of my living room.. everyone who comes in makes a comment about it.