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rebecca thuss
I came across the portfolio pages of photo stylist/crafter/designer Rebecca Thuss via Oh Joy!, and couldn't resist posting them here. Her site is truly a treasure trove of wedding related photographs and ideas, (mostly due to the fact that she's the former style director of Martha Stewart Weddings), and would be a great style resource for any bride. Check it out!


cathy on 4:39 PM

Thank you for introducing Rebecca Thuss's work, I love her style and will definately contact her. You provide great resources and ideas in your blog and I love visiting, Cathy

Kristin on 7:01 PM

Your blog makes my life better. Seriously.

Maheema on 11:55 PM

Hi... UR blog is such a treat to watch ..its just sooo colorful and carrys such wide range of info.

im totaly impressed

with losts of love n good wishes :D


Jessica on 2:06 AM

I also recently fell in love with Rebecca Thuss' portfolio. Isn't she amazing? Thanks for such a cute, inspirational blog!

AL on 5:43 AM

OMG... thanks for the tip... Her site is the gorgeoussssssss..

perfect bound on 2:31 PM

I was so bummed when I heard Rebecca Thuss left Blueprint magazine but clearly she's still a force. I love her style.

Wedding Castle on 10:45 AM

I love the black and white colour scheme. It can be done simply or with such finesse. Rebecca oozes style and her pages are a great resource.