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oh, romeo

Reem Acra 2008
There is nothing I approve of more than Reem Acra's leap towards the "Juliet" look. I love the cap sleeves, the mini trains, the Shakespearean details. It's all just so pretty, it's hard to find fault with. While all of these seem so fresh to me, I can't imagine them ever being out of vogue. Is it just me... is the middle one fabulous? Or do you find it too "I just got back from the Renaissance Fair"?


Blue Orchid Designs on 12:05 AM

I was in a renaissance themed wedding once - I would have much rather have had a bridesmaid version of one of these as my dress in lieu of what I had to wear!

Elizabeth on 2:47 AM

love the one on the left

Darci on 11:37 AM

I don't think any of them are too "Renaissance"...I would happily wear any of them!

Chelsea on 4:13 PM

I really like her new designs, much better than the busy stuff she usually creates- it's lovely, but just too busy, big and frou frou for my taste. These are all great,though!

Bumatay on 5:06 PM

These dresses are all gorgeous and timeless. On the wedding day, the "look" will depend on how the bride is photographed.

Megan on 2:54 PM

I really like these, but I do wonder whether they're a little Ren-Fest. I tried on the Claire Pettibone "Juliet" dress and it looked like a costume...

fatafelice on 5:36 PM

I love the fresh look of these gowns! And I absolutely do not think they look costume-y, and I am not sure I understand why others think they do. Just because they aren't strapless?

Anonymous on 9:44 AM

i can't get past the fact that the one in the center has a cape. but i LOVE the other two.