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deluxe cutlery

Charles and Marie Deluxe Cutlery
How cute would these be at a tea party picnic? These fancy forks, knives and spoons are fashioned after 1800's silverware, but are made from plastic in a smattering of bright colors. Pretty enough for a bridal shower, and strong enough to last for several seasons of picnics. You can even throw them in the dishwasher. Plastic never looked so good. Available at Charles & Marie.


AL on 3:09 AM

OooooOoooohhhh those are gorgeous!! Endless ideas for table setting themes and such. Love the green the red too... ohh gimme gimme gimme plastic .


Miss on 1:17 PM

I hate to say this, because I usually love the items you post on your blog, but I think these are ugly! If you're going to re-use cutlery why not re-use the ones you already have, instead of ugly plastic stuff.
...I also hate the feel of plastic cutlery in my mouth.

Christy on 2:05 PM

I loooooove these! So much nicer than regular old plastic silverware. Genius!

Kimberly McDowell on 10:42 AM

Honestly, this stuff ROCKS!! I use it all the time at fun events where we let the colors and themes ring! I can't tell you how many people make comments on something so simple. It's fun. It's trendy. It's stylish. Especially the silver ones that look real!!

Rosie & Andy on 3:07 PM

This stuff is awesome but ridiculously overpriced!!

It's $20 for only 4 pieces!! I don't know anyone who would waste that much money on plastic flatware. You can get real flatware for cheaper!!!

kelley on 4:34 PM

These are really cute; but I do think they would only work for a certain, more casual style wedding or maybe a Bridal Shower.

kelleyatbrideorama on 4:36 PM

Although these are pretty cute, I also dont like the way plastic feels when I am eating... it feels icky to me lol. But for plastic, they aren't half bad.:)