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These are paper. 'Nuf said.
From The Green Vase. Via Oh Happy Day!


Unknown on 4:02 AM

I love it.
I have liked your last posts.
I´ll follow your site :D
Kisses from Madrid (too sunny ;D)

Dynamite Weddings on 1:34 PM

So fresh and pretty!!!

Taylor Coil on 2:42 PM

No way those are paper.
I want them all over my house.

Pam - Ring Insurance on 5:27 PM

I love these photos. The colors are so pretty!

Limo Services CA on 12:21 AM

Creativity and craftiness working hand in hand is a beautiful thing!

cake and cider on 12:38 AM

NEAT. I love the addition of the curly fern-like bits and the branches. ...that first arrangement is so well done, I can't stand it.

weddinginvitationkits on 2:14 PM

Unreal! Those are the best paper flowers I've ever seen!

Lalipourie on 12:26 PM

Oh Jeeeeze! Love! I used to be obsessed with the paper themed wedding on Martha Stewart! We even had it on tape and I used to love to see that over and over...

suzanne antique lover on 10:36 PM

paper wow.. looks wondeful!

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