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pick your popcorn

I posted a few weeks back about popcorn at the reception, but check out this idea from Utterly Engaged... A popcorn bar! I love the champagne flutes, they make the ordinary popcorn seem like a true delicacy. Guests can experiment with all sorts of fun flavor combinations, and it would be quite inexpensive to set up all on your own!


Diane on 7:04 PM

What a fabulous idea, these are so fun and economical too. Great find!

Anonymous on 10:46 AM

Great idea!

Nicki's Notebook on 12:47 AM

awesome idea - so creatieve and effective! x

San on 2:13 PM

I love how classy they look in the champagne flutes! Very snazzy!


Shannon on 3:12 PM

I thought about popcorn at my reception. What a fun idea. And I imagine pretty inexpensive.

Gina Shi Shi on 2:29 PM

These are fantastic! Love the flues, the cello cones, the tray - perfect!

Unknown on 10:35 AM

This is really original and shows how if couples think outside the box a little they can implement some cool and simple ideas

Lisa on 11:52 PM

wow! i never thought popcorn could look so elegant! lovely!

Lucia @ on 4:15 AM

Thank you soo much for featuring us on your blog! We are such huge fans of your blog. Love love love it! Just a quick update.. we had to change some links around on our site so here is the new link for the popcorn bar. thanks again! we are so blushing right now!!!


Containers on 11:11 PM

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