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totally off topic, I know.

I know this is a wedding blog. For wedding stuff. I know. But just for my own fun, I wanted to share a tour of our little nursery before the baby makes his entrance. I've worked on this space for so long and I just had to share it with you, you who are such a great, big part of my day. I couldn't resist! I promise, it's back to wedding stuff on Monday!

My Grandmother (Mem) helped with the curtains, and let us paint her awesome rocking chair. My husband and I made a lot of the artwork, with the exception of some Frank Stella paintings, a "Correlated History of Earth" poster from AMNH, three awesome birds by Mincing Mockingbird, and a few other odds and ends. I made the mobile from scraps of paper left over from Kenzie Kate. It doesn't really move as well as I'd like, but the baby's eye view is very colorful and I hope it can hold his attention for a few minutes at least!

My Mom made the baby's bedding, a heroic feat considering all she had to go by was a blurry picture and the skirt has to be adjustable to account for the adjustable crib. My sister made the quilt, another amazing feat. She spent so much time picking out the fabrics and it shows because the finished product just BELONGS in here.

During the hottest days of the summer I abandoned my TV and stayed cool by parking in front of the AC, making stuffed toys. Auggie the Owl, Fritz the Sock Monkey, Ginny the Cat, Rue the Kangaroo and Bob the Ann-Wood-Inspired Oriel are all made by yours truly... I had so much fun making these toys!
If anyone is curious about any of the other stuff, I'm happy to provide sources (chances are, if it's not from Ikea, I made it or I found it second hand). Thanks for indulging me, and have an awesome weekend!


Anonymous on 9:22 PM

so cute! congrats.

Kathleen on 9:26 PM

I love it! the curtains caught my eye at first, but I love how you have bright solids with patterns like polka dots and stripes. It's so cheery! and Ginny the cat is AWESOME. Will you come decorate my room? :)

Katherine Vargas on 9:30 PM

Before I started reading, I thought that this was a layout from a children's magazin. This is gorgeous! And I lovelovelove all the toys! Y'all did wonderfully

Abbie on 9:35 PM

I love how bright and cheery it is... and it's not gender-specific either. I think it makes it that much more special that you put so many personal touches into the room.

brooke @ claremont road on 10:03 PM

I cannot even express to you how jaw-droppingly gorgeous this room is! Perfectly cheerful and fun without being overly "baby." That will be one truly lucky little baby to have such a cozy place to slumber!

justhappilyeverafter on 10:29 PM

I love the way that you incorporated color! Could you share about your DIY stuffed animals? I'd love to know how to make my own but don't know where to start.

mylyn wood on 10:30 PM

I am in awe! It is absolutely beautiful! So full of color, and beautiful old touches turned new again. Why aren't you a designer?!
ps. congratulations on your little one!

Encore Bride on 10:32 PM

I love how it turned out, the rooms exudes love all around, great job!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators on 11:06 PM

What a beautiful, colourful haven for your little one! It will be such a fun place for him or her to explore. And the bedding and quilt are gorgeous - you have such a talented family!

Liene Stevens on 12:10 AM

Mackenzie, it looks fantastic! I adore the dolls. If you ever get tired of paper, I think you may have found a second career. :)

A. Marigold on 12:28 AM

It's completely adorable. :)

rugglemd on 2:35 AM

Looks amazing. Not the same traditional, boring baby room!

love always, wai'ala on 2:43 AM

I would be super excited to live there; it looks great!

Annapolitan on 5:31 AM

It's just awesome! I wouldn't be surprised to see this post and your photos linked to by design blogs... it really looks like it came from a magazine.

How great it will feel to hold your baby in your arms and sit in that rocker, and lay him, sleeping, in his crib for the first time. I'm so excited for both of you!

Conversation Pieces on 6:12 AM

Cuteness... look all the cheery colours and the star thingy above the bed (sorry can't remember what those things are called!!)

J+W on 6:57 AM

I LOVE your nursery! It is so cute, serene and gender neutral all at the same time. Great inspiration. It is so fun too! Thanks for sharing.

Nicole-Lynn on 8:15 AM

Aw so exciting. Love the bright colors, especially the curtains!

Jen on 9:05 AM

WOW!! This is one of the most adorable nurseries I've ever seen! I love the mix of colors and patterns! And your stuffed animals are my absolute favorite part! Did you get patterns from somewhere? I'd love to try my hand at some cute stuffies...

Anonymous on 9:25 AM

This is an amazing nursery. Love, love, love it!

Unknown on 9:48 AM

I've seen a lot of nurseries in the last year and a bit, since I found out I was pregnant, and I have to say that this is one of my favorites. LOVE your use of color, it's so bright and cheerful and not at all stereotypically "baby." Is that a Dash & Albert rug? Love the Jenny Lind crib and I think your red wood rocker is so attractive. Don't be surprised if your nursery gets picked up by kids interior design blogs like Ohdeedoh.

Since you did such a wonderful job here, maybe it's time you thought about branching out to baby announcements, first birthday party invites... (Boy, I wish you did, I'd buy them in a sec as I can't find nice ones!)

Mackenzie on 10:09 AM

Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all your sweet comments, they mean a lot.
Pencils - the rug is actually from Pottery Barn a steal at around $200 for a 8' x 10' rug! I would love to start on kid stuff... eventually. It's on my list of things to do, for sure!
Jen and Jess - the only patterns I have are for the cat and the monkey. The cat was my first toy, and I used this pattern for her:
The monkey is made from the famous Rockford Red Heel socks,
and the pattern comes on the back of the sock package (you can also find it all over the internet). The other stuffies I just sort of made up as I went along... I found that by looking at pictures of other stuffed toys, I was able to experiment with different ways of making the bodies three dimensional. This is an amazing website for inspiration,
Again, thank you guys! You all are awesome!

Allison Hasel on 10:25 AM

So sophisticated cute! The mobile is fabulous. How do you create it?

Thao on 11:14 AM

oh, that is the most darling nursery. your baby is so lucky!!

Krystel on 2:43 PM

It's wonderful! The colors are amazing - bright and oh, do they pop! It will be a lot of great stimulation for the baby. I totally <3 your toys! That owl! And what's really great is that while it will work well for the baby, it will transition really well as he/she grows up.

Bigm0uth Strikes Again on 4:18 PM

very adorable !!!

Anonymous on 4:20 PM

Love the sock monkey!

Anonymous on 8:25 PM


lauren on 10:54 AM

the nursery turned out awesome!!! just how i would picture my future space!!! :) the mobile is my favorite detail!! amazing!! *

Brandy on 7:24 PM

Um, you need to sell your little staffed animals- they are amazing!!! O would buy them in a second and I am definitely nowhere near the child/nursery stage!

Anonymous on 7:52 PM

OMG lov it

Diane on 9:50 PM

Adorable!! Looks like something in a magazine. I'd love for you to share tips on those stuffed animals...SO great.

Kelly - Peaceful Home Decor on 10:02 PM

I still follow your blog as you made the most BEAUTIFUL invitations for my wedding over a year ago for 06/07/08.. just wanted to say congratulations on your new baby boy!! THe room is beyond perfect and beautiful... I cant wait to see pictures when he is born and I will continue to be a fan of your stationary and blog!!! best of luck- Kelly Demma :)

Gaueng Wedding Photography on 6:07 AM

holly smokes, this is a stunning baby room, wish i could do mine all over again, u got one lucky baby

Deliciously Girly on 9:45 PM

What a delightful nursery! I love the color scheme, and the artwork and stuffed animals are great!

Unknown on 8:55 AM

I absolutely *love* all the vibrant colours you have going on! What a fabulous job!

erin on 2:36 PM

This is BEAUTIFUL! What a lucky little man to come home to this room :) Love the rug...where did you snag that?

Alexandria on 1:30 PM

If I had to decorate my baby's room, this is exactly what I would want. You are so lucky to have all those skills and wonderful family to help in the process. Congratulations and job well done!

Michelle Guzman Photographers on 9:11 PM

What an adorable room!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on 11:29 PM

This is absolutely the most gorgeous nursery I have ever seen. One of the things I really appreciate about it is that you clearly approached this project from the perspective of your (soon-to-be) little one. Babies love bright colors and fun interesting shapes.

ngy on 7:58 AM

The nursery is gorgeous and fresh.

Ur kid's gonna hav such a party.


Ms. Spinach on 10:00 PM

just. the. cutest!

Ally_C on 11:07 AM

ADORABLE nursery - I wish I had this kind of creative bone in my body!

Can I ask... where is your crib from?

Katie on 12:51 PM

What a spectacular nursery! It is so comfy looking and creative! :)

Lisa on 11:31 PM

what a lovely nursery! you have a great sense of style! I love your color scheme!

Holyoke Home on 4:00 PM

Oh my god! This is A-MAZ-ING! On this post alone, you should make this a 'wedding and decorating' blog. AWESOME job and congratulations!

Unknown on 2:56 PM

I just don't think I could adore this nursery any more -- it's absolutely PERFECT!!

Ms. Matrimony on 5:07 PM

LOVE all your effort and beautiful design! Lots of visually stimulating colors, artwork and fabrics!!!

Jackie Cooper on 9:55 AM

Would you be able to make a tutorial on how you constructed your mobile? I have looked everywhere and nothing really compares to the one you created.
Thanks! :)

LuAnn Woody on 6:00 PM

Hi! I have the privilege of re-creating the crib skirt for a dear expecting friend.

Can your mom give me an idea of how she went about constructing it? I have an idea, but can't see from the pictures how she did the ends.
Thanks- LuAnn Woody

Anonymous on 6:12 PM

love the colors! I am looking to do a nursery like this for my next baby, who is due in June...I was wondering where you got the rug from??? thanks for the great ideas!


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