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pretty popcorn

Amy from Sweet Designs just sent me these amazing pics of a poolside dessert table she styled for a Hampton's birthday party. Aside from the amazing table scape, I LOVE the idea of popcorn in little boxes! I'm a huge popcorn lover and I love it when people fancy it up, it really is the perfect party food - an inexpensive crowd pleaser every single time. I would be delighted to see boxes of caramel corn on the dessert table at any wedding, and the boxes are such an adorable way to display your monogram or your wedding colors. These would even be great as favors, if you added a little wax bag to keep the popcorn fresh. Everyone loves a late night salty snack after a few drinks!
Photography by Dawn Giarrizzo.


Anonymous on 10:11 AM

I made cute take-home popcorn treats for my boyfriend's birthday party.

I filled small piping bags with the popcorn, tied them shut with ribbon, then wrapped scrapbook paper around them all in cone shapes. I got that cone-shape idea from Martha Stewart, I think! Then I put a label on them all that I had made special for the party.

They were a hit, especially for the people who had longer drives home!

Nicole-Lynn on 1:19 PM

So pretty! :)

Anonymous on 10:03 AM

This is such a great idea! Most everyone loves popcorn, plus its inexpensive! Thanks for sharing!

Weddingchic on 1:54 PM

love the popcorn, what a sweet idea, will share this with my sister who is getting married next year.

Amanda Katherine on 3:09 PM

Does Anyone know where to find boxes like this? So cute!

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