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A bunch of eye candy (and real candy) from Amy Atlas to make up for my spotty posting this week. I hope Amy's wealth of images keeps you busy for the day while I regroup!


Posh Play on 1:47 AM

I freaking love this! So copying this idea...

Bridechka on 1:14 PM

I love her!!! Her displays are always killer.

Ashley on 2:27 PM

Gorgeous. All white is so elegant and classic. Like a dream....

Charlotte Wedding Photographer on 9:49 PM

Love love love! I really like the white - so clean and modern.

Melissa Blake on 4:51 PM

:) :) :) :)

Cavania on 5:37 PM

Very beautiful

the un-bride on 2:16 AM

I could ogle her creations for hours ...! Thanks for posting more AA wonderfulness.

Tara @ Pacific Bride Guide on 7:51 PM

Ah- Love the all white! Dreamy!

{The Perfect Palette} on 9:47 PM

Absolutely perfect!

AlexD on 6:24 AM

What a lovely display.

Wedding Ceremony on 4:48 AM

Its so beautiful, my favorite colour white ;)

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