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non sequitur

I have no excuse, this post has nothing to do with weddings. My head is stuck in "back to school" mode and I found these great fall jackets... I couldn't resist. Doesn't the yellow one make you long for cool weather? All from Mod Cloth.



Anonymous on 9:03 AM

of course my fave - the amber road with the oversized buttons - is sold out. boo. I will be bookmarking that one for sure and compulsively checking to see if they get more in. :)

leah @maritalbless on 10:27 AM

Wow, those are fabulous!

Anonymous on 11:45 AM

I want all of these. I love the yellow one, it is FANTASTIC and so different. I love the classy factor of the heather one with the over sized buttons. These make me wish the weather was cooler. Wonderful Post!

Amanda B. Young on 5:13 PM

I'm pretty sure that's just cruel to do to someone in Florida -- where it is still 90 degrees and the chance to wear a jacket is still 3+ months (at the very least) away!

Anyway, you are right -- the yellow one is simply lovely!

Dani @ Weddings Fresh on 5:30 PM

the fall clothing season is my absolute favorite and these are amazing finds! that yellow one is fabulous. i only wish they came in maternity sizes :)

Michelle@Memorable Events on 7:05 PM

Yup, love love love the yellow one...want it so bad!!!

Ms. 122 on 3:03 AM

LOOOOOOVE THE YELLOW ONE! seriously. so. cute.

AshleyL. on 3:13 PM

i love that yellow maridold jacket! i just did a post on that color. i wish i would have seen this post first! great job :)

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