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labels anyone?

wooden tags
Anyone got anything they need to label in a jaunty fashion? I think I might sense a placecard brainstorm coming on. Or perhaps an escort card epiphany? Fancy wooden tags and red and white striped bakers twine both available at Bell'occhio.

BTW: Escort cards sit all together at a table near the entrance to the reception space, telling your guests which table is theirs. Placecards sit at the dining tables, telling your guests which seat is theirs. As someone who deals with this distinction on a daily basis, I notice that the two names are often used interchangeably. They are indeed different. I realize that this fact will only be important to you for a very short time in your life, but I thought you might like to know. Please excuse the smarty-pants moment.


Helen on 3:54 AM

You know what, that's supremely helpful! As a brit, the escort card phenomenon (which is american, non?) was completely strange to me. I always saw images of beautifully lined up names and wondered how on earth anyone knew where to sit. I now realise that it was never to be that specific. very very helpful indeed.

And yes, this is just that time of my life when I needed to know this information!Thanks x

Anonymous on 9:39 AM

Who knew! Thanks for info. You learn something new everyday.

Anonymous on 11:30 AM

Thanks for the smarty-pants comment. I was just reading it and thought to myself...what is the difference? So you completely enlightened me. :)

Hollie on 12:11 PM

I've got another question. How do escort cards work? You have someones name on a card with the table they are sitting at, and I assume it doesn't matter which seat at the table. But I guess you would need a Big bright Indicator at each table so people can find them easily. Or do you put placecards when you have escort cards?
Sorry for the confusion

amber {daisy chain} on 4:03 PM

I'm so glad you had a smarty-pants moment, because I really didn't know the difference but now it makes all the sense in the world!

Unknown on 8:39 PM

Thanks for the clarification. I always wondered what the difference was. I do have a question though, do you use both together or one or the other? What if you have a seating chart, do you use escort cards?


Eliza on 8:47 PM

I love learning stuff like this...

Unknown on 10:06 AM

Actually, escort cards are supposed to have a man's name on the outside, and a woman's name on the inside, and it tells him which lady he is supposed to escort into the dining room. What people today call "escort" cards are actually table cards, with a name on the outside and a table number on the inside. You can then use a place card at the table to show the guest his or her exact seat, if you care. Otherwise they can take any seat at the table. At my wedding, we used table cards, and we didn't care which exact seat the guests took. I bought tented cards from Paper Source, had the guests' names calligraphed on the front, with the table number on the inside. Except I made the numbers with stickers from a label maker and a bunch fell off! But it wasn't a big wedding and people figured it out. I was very happy with the way my table cards turned out, they were butter yellow, the calligraphy was jaunty and I put little 3-D flowers from Kate's Paperie on them.

Mackenzie on 10:20 AM

Interesting, Pencils! I love hearing the history of things like that. While I think you're totally right about the origins of the escort card, by today's standards though, if you say "escort cards" or "seating cards" to any wedding vendor-- you'll get a flat or tented card telling the guest which table to go to. If you ask for a table card, you'll get a larger card to display on the table itself, labeling it as "Table 3" or "Table 7". If you ask for a placecard, it will just have a space for one name, or the name of a couple-- indicating which seat(s) are theirs.

Unknown on 10:41 AM

Mackenzie--oh, I know they're called escort cards now. Not as if anyone actually "escorts" anyone into a dining room anymore except in costume dramas. I did buy table cards or table numbers for my reception from the maker of our invitations. I just think it's interesting how things have changed, although the names persist.

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