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I'm back from a very productive weekend of Ikea shopping and house cleaning. With my due date about a week away, I realize that my days of solo shopping trips to Ikea on lazy Saturday afternoons may be limited, (which is really too bad, because solo shopping is one of my favorite sports, I'm very good). Hopefully this next chapter in our lives will be just as much fun as solo shopping, and I will not miss it one iota! Speaking of which, I should warn you that it's possible that sometime this week or the next (hopefully not the week after that) I may be mysteriously absent for a few days (maybe not that mysteriously absent, but absent none the less). Rest assured, I will be back with photos of the little one and updates just as soon as I am able. In the mean time, I will just keep on bloggin about pretty things. Keeping busy keeps me patient!
Speaking of patience... I found these amazingly detailed cookies on Sweet Ambs. Martha Stewart, eat your heart out! They are just so... perfect! I made lemon cookies the other day and got so sick of scooping batter after about 20 cookies, I started making them HUGE so I could be done. I can't imagine having the patience to create these little wonders by the dozens.


Starry Night Design Studio on 12:03 PM

You won't miss the solo shopping (well... maybe a little), because the trade-off will be totally worth it. My little angel is turning one in a few days and I can't believe how fast it went. She's the best thing I have ever done. Good luck and congrats! Oh and great cookies by the way.

life according to celia... on 2:17 PM

how incredibly exciting for you! my best friend (who lives three blocks away) had a baby in november and it was so much fun to be by her side during her whole pregnancy. lots of luck with the delivery!

p.s. cookies are gorgeous, but i'd feel like a jerk for taking a bite and ruining all of their prettiness!

Pencils on 10:02 AM

Good luck with the delivery, I hope it's short and sweet, and comes on time or even a little early. I was more than a week late with my little sweetie, and it gets old fast.

Nay-K on 10:13 AM

wow, these cookies look amazing!

Blush Photo on 10:17 AM

OMG! These cookies are pieces of ART!! Gorgeous.

Blush Photo

SweetAmbs on 10:47 AM

Thank you so much for featuring my cookies in your blog!

anna and the ring on 7:23 PM

What exquisite work. Enjoy the baby. Truly a wonderful thing.

brooke @ claremont road on 7:27 PM

Best of luck with your impending delivery, Mackenzie! I can't wait to "meet" the little one on the blog.

Nicole-Lynn on 8:04 AM

How exciting!!

Tsilli on 1:21 PM

Wishing you an easy delivery and much health and happiness during this exciting time!

Keith Pitts Photography on 2:16 PM

Wow...they are beautiful, thanks for sharing!

Pretoria Baby and Maternity Photography on 6:12 AM

Stunning cookies, looks yummy.

5 Star Weddings on 12:44 PM

Such beautiful wedding cookies, the details are perfect. Look far too good to eat.

Beth on 11:33 PM

oh my, these cookies are gorgeous! Almost too pretty to eat!

The Favour Gallery on 12:56 PM

Love these cookies for gifts for your guest, such a great idea.