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the girl and the boy together

I will leave you for a stormy weekend with this awesome set of invites spotted over at Brooklyn Bride. You can click here to read the full story, but basically, Andrew wrote a sweet little story when he was 6 about a boy and a girl (together). His mom saved it all these years (!), then he and his fiance Jami interlaced it with photos and the story of how they met and turned it into the ultimate engagement party invitation. Pretty cool, huh? Go here to see the full booklet.


life according to celia... on 5:12 PM

ah, that's brilliant!!

A on 11:56 AM


25th anniversary invitation on 9:19 PM

Hehehe., nice invitation. So cute. XD

Gayle on 3:43 AM

Oh wow. That is just gorgeous and if he was that romantic at such a tender age....imagine what he's like now!!!