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darling dinnerware

Jessica Rust makes these adorable ceramic dinnerware sets, personalized with your initials or your wedding date. The birch design is my absolute favorite, I love the little initials carved into the tree!


anna and the ring on 11:18 AM

Oh Jessica. I love you so!

Bowie Bride on 12:01 PM

now here's come china i'd actually buy!

heather on 1:04 PM

These are wonderful! I actually received a set of the birch mugs as an engagement gift. Each mug is a different season so they are all a bit different. I'll definitely be asking for the plates, bowls, etc!

Anonymous on 6:39 AM

dinnerware are good to gift some one.

they are simple and elegant.


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Anonymous on 4:45 PM

The theme for our wedding (9/19/09) is "rustic elegance" and we've incorporated a lot of birch accents for the "rustic" aspect....we got these mugs for our parents as gifts...LOVE THEM!!

Bridechka on 10:31 AM

I want those plates!

Andry on 2:30 AM

I was going through some modern designs on Dining Room Decor and I found amazing collection.