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b. poetic

Kaitlin from b. poetic emailed me a link yesterday to her adorable website. Her giant handmade blooms would make a perfect addition to a simple gown and her photos are stunning!


Bowie Bride on 11:21 AM

this would be a great idea for sprucing up a bridesmaid dress! each gal could place the flower wherever she wants on her gown - just so everything doesn't have to be so matchy-matchy. thanks for the link!

Rachel Nickel on 1:21 PM

OOH! These are great! I love all the things you feature!

Amy on 1:39 PM

So pretty!

lovesfool on 7:53 PM

I love these!

Employment on 2:05 AM

It looks dashing! It really adds style on a simple looking dress.

Anonymous on 9:34 AM

Awww, I want a big hair flower so bad!! These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Marie, Orange & Blossom on 10:56 AM

Really beautiful find. They might also make a nice gift for the moms to wear on your wedding day and beyond? They would look cute added to a handbag, too!