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new crew

I gotta say, the price tag on this dress shocked me a little for J. Crew, but even so, I'll be darned if it ain't purty.


Rachel on 2:18 PM

Holy moley! $3k for this dress?!? The design is awesome, but you're right, its a bit suprising.

KT on 3:53 PM

if only this were short.

Ivana on 4:02 PM

Sooo pretty and soo j-crew! I guess it's so expensive because of the silk... but still, i wouldn't spend 3 for a wedding gown alone! :)

Heather on 4:36 PM

it's a gorgeous gown, i love the simplicity of it and the style. but i wouldn't pay 3k for it. i could be convinced to pay 2 if i loved it more than anything but not 3.

Annapolitan on 9:16 AM

Your taste is impeccable, as always!

It's a sweet dress and I crept over to J. Crew to take a closer look.

Lately I've seen too many gowns being modeled by women who can barely stand up straight. Please, ladies, knock off the casual poses with formal wear. This is a wedding gown! Dispense with the street corner slouch and stand up, throw your shoulders back and smile for heavens' sake.

(Okay, I've finished channeling my mother. Carry on.)

julianne smith on 8:30 PM

totally agree. this price a little steep from a company that doesn't specialize in weddings. although jcrew is randomly super price about certain things. and, as with all of their stuff, it will probably go on deep discount! thanks for sharing!!

p.s. i agree with the girl who commented above me on the slouchy models...they need to go!

Lady with fashion Tips on 2:03 AM

Very stunning gown, so simple and elegant but bit expensive, i know fabric is very rich ,thts why its is so expensive.