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Guest BOXES, as opposed to books. I like it! From Cut the Cake Designs, available in a ton of cute patterns and colors.


tickledwhimsy on 5:37 PM

I've seen these before, and I think they're beyond darling, but I always sort of wonder what you'd do with them after the wedding.

Ashley on 6:46 PM

OOoohhh, I love these! It would be really adorable for a recipe card holder too if you had a lot of recipes to organize. After the wedding, you could make it a recipe file!

Tara Lee on 12:49 PM

Thanks so much for featuring these on your site!
I've had brides write to me after there wedding and tell me they display the box on their coffee table and on their desk. They love going back and reading the notes from their guest!
I also sell recipe boxes.
Thanks again!
Tara Lee
Cut the Cake Designs

Nicole-Lynn on 12:56 PM

Very cute! Love the idea. Thanks!

Melissa Blake on 5:47 PM

those actually make me WANT to get orgazined!

Anonymous on 6:37 AM

that is good idea. a telephone and address diary can be made in same way.


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