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hot. hot for two.

Welcome to Monday all. It is insanely humid and rather stifling here in the Ocean State, either that or I'm very pregnant and it just feels like I have a toaster strapped under my shirt. I am not interested in clothes today; not gowns, nor veils, nor even shoes. Nay. Today I would like nothing more than to work in just my undies and one of these rather smashing bracelets. I imagine them to be very cool on the skin, like a wristlet of beautiful ice cubes. From Anthro. Stay cool, my pretties.


Natalie on 11:04 AM

Oooo I am completely smitten with the one on the bottom. Thanks for sharing! xo

Amy on 12:21 PM

Lovely! The colors are great

Rachel on 12:24 PM

Love the one on top! They are sooo pretty.
I feel ya, I think my face is going to melt off every time I go outside!

Aileen on 1:26 PM

i am in love with the first one - and a big big fan of anthro too! thanks for the post

laura on 3:28 PM

I bought something like those on my honeymoon in Costa Rica, Love them!!

Jade on 3:37 PM

So gorgeous! You can always count on anthropologie for beautiful baubles!