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i'll take 17 rolls.

What is this, you ask? Ribbon? A candle? What? Nothing less than masking tape, my dears! Japanese masking tape to be exact. I can think of about 9 million creative and handy ways to use this pretty tape; from gift wrapping, to invitation making, to favor packaging, to book binding, to flower arranging... I could keep going, seriously - on and on. Available at Ginko Papers, via Black Eiffel, my newest blog crush.


Gaby on 5:18 PM

There are some other colours/kinds of pretty Japanese masking tape at including gold and silver! :)

Mandy Sue on 1:20 AM

Oh so pretty! Something like this in yellow would work great for packaging for my etsy business!

Anonymous on 7:34 AM

And the best invention of 2009 award goes to...

abodowd on 2:22 PM

i want these!

Crystal on 6:22 PM

I love this. I want all of them, seriously.

Roxanne on 9:15 PM

That's pretty practical :)