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tree and kimball

Tree and Kimball has some amazing hair accessories, each unique and edgy in a really feminine way. You know me, I'm a sucker for something new! Via Oh Joy. She finds the best stuff!


Julia on 7:42 AM

righto, off to buy a swag of them.

Daniela on 12:47 PM

These accessories are amazing. Very unique, wonder if they would make longer strands to incorporate into the hair? LOVE IT!

Does the Dress Fit on 4:53 PM

Those are very unique hair accessories.

Wedding Corner on 9:32 AM

Way too cute!!!


The Perfect Palette on 1:16 PM


SomethingBlue on 2:38 PM

So Pretty and Feminine!

Lovely Find!

kate on 8:50 AM

Really pretty! You might want to visit to see some other unique and pretty styles. I've had great luck landing gorgeous headbands from them.

Hannah on 1:52 PM

Oh my god, I love Andrea's Beau!!! I'm so obsessed! I have like 1000 headbands from them and they are so pretty and comfortable. No more headband headaches!

julianne on 9:01 AM

I'm also a fan of Andrea's Beau, both for myself and my daughter, but I must say these are very special too!