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to have and to hold

I have always been a fan of Prismera Jewelry, and designer Laura Su has recently released a new collection called "Hold". Yay! Each piece has a kind of rough, organic feel that, coupled with a few stones, makes a really stunning combination. In these tough times, the price is right too!


caroline duke on 10:13 PM

love their natural look. like something you could pluck right off a bush.

Margarita on 10:20 AM

Very beautiful, it's very woodland inspired, very natural.

Kendra on 11:42 AM

These are so unique; dainty yet elegant.

Rachel Elizabeth on 1:02 PM

I love the one on the top right. Its so simple and beautiful

Anonymous on 4:23 PM

Similar ring, sans bling:

Courtney on 12:28 AM

How gorgeous!! I'm in love.

Chrissy on 7:54 PM

these make me want to get married so badly!

Rachel on 7:50 AM

these are truly unique engagement rings!

Alex Davies on 6:29 AM

Wow these are incredible