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a personal favor

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and welcome to March! Only one month stands between me and springtime, and I cannot wait! In the mean time, we have 8 new inches of snow on the ground! Yippee.
I suppose I will bide my time searching for adorable handmade products on Etsy! Lucky for me I could distract myself for quite awhile over there... Among the many distractions are these handmade favors from Littleput. There's something so nice about a handmade favor (even if it isn't made by you), it just seems personal, you know? I love the rainbow of tiny boxes!


The Perfect Palette on 12:55 PM

ooo those are simply adorable :) thanks for sharing!

perfect bound on 1:28 PM

i'm so blinded by the beautiful array of colors. how could you not love each one of these?

Wedding Corner on 8:54 PM

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Dianna on 5:41 PM

These are gorgeous!
Dianna Castner

Events by Evonne on 6:32 AM

These are so beautiful. Have to go check out Littleput's website now. Thanks for sharing!