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english dept

Looking to cover your shoulders? Elizabeth Dye is your gal! I love the details and craftsmanship on these pieces. Check out the English Dept for more!


Megan on 9:41 PM

Mmmmm... I love those ruffles. If she makes something long-sleeved, I may have to get one for my winter wedding.

A on 12:55 AM

Yes yes yes! Thank you for posting! This is exactly what I've been looking for!

lunarzie on 2:30 AM

the one with ruffle collar is so pretty! the color is gorgeous.

Laura on 5:49 PM

These boleros are gorgeous!!! Elizabeth made one for my wedding dress and it was absolutely stunning! Highly recommended!

Madeline on 7:00 PM

both are so different and so amazing!

Bridechka on 10:13 PM

These are fabulous.

Julia on 8:03 AM

that's almost exactly what I've been looking for!!! thank you for posting this!!

Ashley L. on 12:07 PM

So beautiful and dainty! :)

Teresa on 10:23 PM

just what i have been looking for! gracias!

Katherine on 12:35 PM

Ooh thank you! I had been looking for something along these lines :)

Joanna Goddard on 5:35 PM


SF Boudoir Photographer on 5:02 PM

Love these! I wish more of my winter brides would think to have a cute little jacket so we could do photos outside without the bride freezing!

New York City Photographers on 2:44 AM

Both are Fabulous...