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blooming illumination

Aren't these cool? I thought they would be great if you were transforming an empty space for your ceremony or reception. Situate one or two over the dance floor or the alter and you're all set! It may be a bit of an investment if you want more than one, but they would be beautiful over your dining room table too! Forever a great reminder of your wedding day. Love those. From Feel More Human.


un-bride on 1:43 AM

wow ... those are pretty. Me like-y.

Pencils on 9:07 AM

Those would be lovely in my daughter's nursery, hmmmm.

Rachel Elizabeth on 10:22 AM

These are cool. If you are having a modern wedding they would be awesome.

Katherine on 12:38 PM

Oh, wow- those are beautiful!

Odd Sundays on 7:52 PM

im speechless. it's like an art installation

Ms Shanna on 12:28 AM

I thought those were paper at first! I just wrote a post two weeks ago about a paper chandelier that this post reminded me of.

Sara on 7:44 PM

Wow, I love these! Any soft light always wins with me - not only is it beautiful, it makes us look beautiful too!

Sara Gray

Jessica Latimer on 7:00 PM

These are beyond cool. I am having a wedding in a cleartop tent this fall and these would be PERFECT!