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new ketubahs

I posted last year about New Ketubah's modern take on the marriage contract, and lots of you responded how happy you were to see a different take on this ancient tradition. Tsilli has just released several gorgeous new designs, and you're the first to know! I really love the sunburst one. I couldn't think of a better image for the beginning of a new life together. Thanks for the heads up Tsilli!


maggie on 10:07 AM

Fun! I am making my own, so it's great to see different sources of inspiration.

Bridechka on 5:51 PM

This is great! It feels like all ketubahs are exactly the same but these are gorgeous.

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie on 12:17 PM

ditto bridechka!

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie on 12:17 PM

ditto bridechka!

Anonymous on 5:18 AM

I got ours from New Ketubah (after you posted about them the first time). We love it. It's GORGEOUS. And Tsilli is an absolute doll + lovely to work with (despite the multiple step-parents and multiple religions confuzifying everything). I highly recommend her.

Anonymous on 10:57 AM

We also got our ketubah from Tsili after seeing your post on her and absolutely echo the other poster -- she was so fantastic to work with and the ketubah is absolutely beautiful. We could not possibly be happier with it.