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adorable headbands

I love these! Leaves, feathers or beads, all so cute! Don't you love Etsy? I have my eyes on the feathery one. All from Clybourne Ave.


caroline duke on 10:47 PM

i do love etsy, and i especially love those headbands. i've never seen anything like the first one!

un-bride on 12:45 AM

I'm waiting (im)patiently for my fab headband/fascinator/hair thingy from an Etsy seller, too! I'll post pics as soon as I receive.

Pretty Bride on 1:25 PM

love the first one!

Does the Dress Fit on 1:45 PM

I just love that green one! That would be cute on the bridesmaids or even the flower girls!

Christy on 3:37 PM

I love them all, especially the top one. I pretty much think I need every adorable thing I see on Etsy. Ouch, bank account, ouch.

Rachel Elizabeth on 12:05 PM

That first head band is sort of amazing.

cHill Weddings, LLC on 11:35 AM

Those are so cute! I must get one immediately.

Polly on 11:16 PM

I am so off to Etsy now.

headbands on 10:07 PM

I am fond of wearing different styles of headbands. I am agree that those headbands you'd mentioned above were really great and adorable.