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eye candy to last 'til Monday

I very rarely post about wedding photographers. I think this is primarily because most of them are very city specific. You wouldn't use a great photographer based in Hartford, Connecticut if you were getting married in San Francisco. That being said, Joanna Goddard emailed me yesterday about a post she had up on Smitten of the gorgeous photography of Max Wanger. I just fell in love with these photos. I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that both the bride and groom are very attractive, and very happy... But I have seen the rest of his site, it's all really good! I absolutely love his style. I think that he's based in California, so that means a good portion of you might actually be able to use him (according to the survey, lots of you are reading from Cali). Anyway, I couldn't resist.
I'm signing off until Monday, let the cooking begin! I adore cooking, and couldn't be happier about a holiday based around the idea of cooking and eating. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Enjoy your friends and family.


melissa on 1:01 PM

I also adore these photos. How beautiful is that dress and the one with the heart drawn on their hands is amazing!

Happy cooking!

Meg Sylvia {StyleHideout} on 5:11 PM

I absolutely LOVE your blog! I would love to feature your note cards on my newly-re-opened blog if thats ok with you!


Anyta on 9:38 PM

This cute couple is famous!

Anonymous on 11:04 AM

I love these pictures - they caught the this couples personality instead of the normal posed photo's.

One Love Photo on 4:16 PM

His work is really great! He has a special style. Actually photographers do travel and often don't charge much. It you are smitten by a certain photographer's style you should contact them and see what they would charge to travel. It might be less than you think, really! We just shot a wedding in Hawaii and it didn't cost the couple much at all since our grandparents live there and we stayed with them. We were planning to go visit this year anyway so we only charged the couple for half the airfare. Something to think about, if you don't ask you will never know!

Anonymous on 6:21 PM

They are so cute together!