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finger candy

These rings from Manak remind me of Queen Elizabeth. Such panache all on one finger... I love the tiara style one on the top. All from Ylang Ylang. The middle one would make a fantastic wedding band.


Tamara (A Wedding Story) on 12:18 AM

Ooh, the one on top is gorgeous!

Art of Dealing on 2:08 AM

Wow, these rings are gorgeous. These each would make unique wedding rings. I really like the top one.

Darling Dexter on 8:58 AM

Finger candy for sure, yum. I love them all!

Joanna Goddard on 6:38 PM

absolutely beautiful.

Krista on 8:21 PM

They really are stunning. I wonder if I can get one of each?

WestAussieWedding on 9:30 AM

I love the last one!

Melinda Ledbetter on 9:08 PM

The history of how the engagement ring started and Queen Elizabeth always intrigues me. My husband gave me a Victorian Style ring with a yellow diamond. I absolutely love it!