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i'm it.

Turns out, I've been blog tagged by Ashley L. of Decor Amor, so I had to think of 7 random things about myself. This is harder than you might think. I know a lot of stuff about myself, but I don't know which ones are random and which ones aren't. I googled "random" and this was the second or third image that popped up. It didn't really help me narrow it down. Anyway, here's my stab at it!~

1} I have two sisters, one of them is my identical twin. Whenever we meet each other's friends for the first time, they're always fascinated that we have the exact same laugh.

2} I'm addicted to House among other symptom-based medical shows. I'm pretty sure I qualify for a white coat by now. At least a stethoscope? ... maybe one more season.

3} I've been working on the same honeycomb quilt for the last 5 years. It's hexagon after hexagon of yellow fabrics stitched together by hand. I'm guessing it'll be a 50th birthday present for my husband, he's thirty-three now, so that gives me... just about enough time.

4} I cry at sporting events. Basketball, gymnastics, track and field... whenever anyone wins at anything. The Olympics are downright embarrassing for me. The other day I went to the web page for the New York City Marathon... lets just say I got "misty". For a website!

5} We have an Italian Greyhound named Shorty. When we had our regular low-Def television, he didn't care about dogs on TV. Now that we have the fancy high definition TV, he has to jump and bark at the screen whenever there's a dog. Even a cartoon dog. Even a panda. Any mammal besides humans. Watching Planet Earth is a real test of patience. Sort of takes the fun out of high-def.

6} I am completely musically incapable. Humming is a challenge. My husband laughs at me when I whistle.

7} Home Decor magazines and french fries are my greatest weaknesses. I find both irresistible.


ka1t_lyn on 1:01 AM

Oh my word, Shorty is adorable!

Courtney on 8:46 AM

What a fun list! I had to laugh at number 5- our pups only pay attention to the t.v. sometimes, but we find it too funny when they fixate on dogs on the screen!

And good luck with earning the white coat; certainly one more season will do it...

Ashley L. on 1:33 PM

I'm so happy that you did this! What fun things! I enjoyed it! :)

Michelle on 11:35 PM

I am exactly like this with sports, too!! For some reason, Nike commercials and reeeeally good sports-based movies make me misty. I was almost bawling at the end of a documentary about women in sports not too long ago! hahaha