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fine feathered find

J. Crew is at it again with a beautiful feathered number. That sounds like it might be some awful garish nightmare, but it's actually really subtle and pretty. I know that these special J. Crew Wedding gowns last very limited amounts of time, so if you are thinking about it, now would be the time!


katealtmix on 11:11 AM

absolutely stunning. i have to say i read this blog all the time and you find the most exquisite things to share- thank you!

Jenny.Lee on 11:44 AM

This gown is gorgeous.

holly p on 4:51 PM

that dress is so pretty! and i'm with kate about you always having gorgeous things on here! thanks for keeping me distracted at work :)

Design Lovely on 8:05 PM

So unique and oh so pretty!

Courtney on 8:25 PM

I love JCrew Gowns!! Your blog is fantastic! I just discovered it and spent the last two hours going though each page! So many great ideas! I'm getting married in Oct. 09, so plenty of time to play around with all these ideas!! Thanks =)

perfect bound on 3:40 PM

very pretty. do you think it's wrong to collect wedding gowns even after my wedding? (say no! say no.)

I Love Jewelry on 2:48 PM

I don't know, I think the collar of this dress looks very unfinished. The feathers make it look like the collar was torned with loose threats and seams.

I like dress that is simple in design, but this one is not my cup of tea.

I also thinks the model needs some jewelry on her neck, her chest too bare.

it's about time on 5:39 PM

You should know that there is also a bridesmaid version of this dress in black and champagne- it is knee length and I have just purchased it for my wedding dress-- very excited!!!!

Courtney on 2:15 PM

I actually just ordered this dress—I'm excited to see how it looks! I also got an amazing deal with the sale over the weekend, it came to under $600!

Sometimes Dresses on 11:10 PM

This is stunning! I'm not in the market for a wedding dress, so I think I'm going to have to get the shorter version and wear it everywhere!