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so much cute.

These have nothing to do with weddings, but jeez, if they aren't the gosh darn'd cutest little things I've ever seen. Skunk Boy Creatures makes the most unique and adorable little stuffed personalities. If you have any little ones that might need a Christmas present, look no further. Skunk Boy also makes adorable Christmas tree ornaments (above), 'tis the season!


Anonymous on 11:00 AM

I adore these! So fantastic! Very Very cute!

Kim Vallee on 2:23 PM

They are adorable. I want one!

*Michelle on 2:31 PM

Ok, some are really cute - and some look like they have "x"s over their eyes thus looking dead. Am I the only morbid one who sees that?

Mackenzie on 2:41 PM

I think they're adorable, I don't see dead at all, I see buttons!

Jen on 11:29 PM

SO SO adorable! I want one..or two!

Unknown on 12:07 PM

These are totally adorable, I've never heard of Skunk boy!

Well since I'm having my first Christmas in me and my fiance's new place since he proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from these ornaments would be something he would love!

All my ornaments are all girly and I wouldn't mind giving him some of these for him to decorate, thanks!

Aylee Bits on 10:27 PM

They're cute but I agree with Michelle. A couple are kinda scary.

Unknown on 6:09 PM

too cute for words