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les indiennes

Happy Friday everyone! I'm getting my blog on from sunny Connecticut today, enjoying the nice weather and working pool-side. We're spending the weekend celebrating my birthday, my sister's birthday (we're twins), my mother's birthday, and my grandmother's birthday. There's going to be cake!
I spotted these amazing textiles by Les Indiennes over at Decor 8, and thought that anyone looking to fluff their nest might appreciate a link. Even if you can't splurge on their textiles their photos are amazing. I love the paradoxical mix of solid and dainty, familiar and exotic. Enjoy the eye candy and your weekends everyone!



Jessica on 1:25 PM

OMG Mackenzie - I'm in love!! I'm head over heals for all things hindi these days. I love the red and cream set especially!

Happy Birthday to all the women in your family! How cool and remarkable!